Caterpillar Diesel D2 Tractor Chassis Service Manual 3J 5J 4U 5U Crawler CAT

Caterpillar Diesel D2 Tractor Chassis Service Manual 3J 5J 4U 5U Crawler CAT
Caterpillar Diesel D2 Tractor Chassis Service Manual 3J 5J 4U 5U Crawler CAT

This is a reimaged printing of a: Servicemens Reference Book Service Repair Dealership Master Major Overhaul Technical Mechanic Shop Teardown Rebuilding Procedures Manual for Caterpillar Crawler (CAT Dozer Diesel D2 Tractor s/n: 3J, 5J, 4U, & 5U series), covering: Specifications, Dimensions, Gaskets, Bearings, Seals, Tolerances, Torque Specs, Inspection, Steering System, Assembly Disassembly Teardown Rebuilding Procedures of the Track and Roller Frame Group, Clutch Flywheel, Transmission Assembly, Final Drive Assembly, Sprocket, Rollers, Brake System, Clutch System, Adjustments, Compressing Recoil Srung Bolt Procedures, Special Tools Required, Track Roller Frame Removal Installation Procedures, Drawbar Hitche Assembly Removal Installation Procedures, Flywheel Oil Clutch Assembly Service Repair Procedures, Flywheel Clutch Lubrication Cutaway View, Flywheel Clutch Removal Installation Procedures, Inspection Covers, Clutch Plates and Hub Assembly, Diesel Engine Removal Installation Procedures, Radiator Removal Installation Procedures, Steering Clutch Major Overhaul Service Repair Procedures, Final Drive Removal Installation Procedures, Flange to Final Drive Pinion Press fit tons, General Information, Reconditioning Procedures, Cleaning and Inspection Procedures, Seal Replacement Procedures, Tractor Cutaway Views, Hood and Dashboard Removal Installation Procedures, Water Pump Removal Installation Procedures, Oil Pan Removal Installation Procedures, Oil Cooler Removal Installation Procedures, Timing Gear Cover Removal Installation Procedures, Crankshaft Pulley Removal Installation Procedures, Disconnect Governor Lever Procedures, Engine Lifting Eyes, Power Transmission Removal Installation Procedures, Clutch Removal Installation Procedures, Clutch Major Overhaul Service Repair Procedures, Removing the Couplings Procedures, Clutch in Position for Removal, Transmission Cutaway Views, Pilot Bearing Assembly Teardown Rebuilding Procedures, Transmission Gear Arrangement, Shifter Shaft Removal Installation Procedures, Clutch Shaft Removal and Installation Procedures. Pulling Bearing and Cage from Clutch Shaft Procedures, Bevel Pinion Rebuilding Procedures, Liwer Shaft Group Assembly, Pulling Bevel Gear Shaft Procedures, Checking Backlash Measurement Procedures, Heel of Gear, Proper Tooth Contact Pattern, Removing Seat, Fenders and Fuel Tank as a Unit Assembly Procedures, Steering Clutch Removal Installation Major Overhaul Rebuilding Procedures, Removing the Brake Band Procedures, Compressing Steering Clutch Springs Procedures, Steering Clutch Assembly Breakdown, Aligning Steering Clutch Discs Procedures, Steering Clutch Adjustments Procedures, Final Drive Assembly Breakdown, Sprocket Removal Installation Procedures, Linkages, Controls, Cooling system, Tracks, Rails, etc..... Enlarged to 8.5"x11" format form no. THIS IS FOR A BOOK, NOT A MACHINE.

SO PLEASE READ VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE PULLING THE TRIGGER! You need to use diligence based on my descriptions and pictures. What you see is what you get! NOTE: Due to condition of original documents, what is left of their frailty, there might be flaws, pen marks, hard to read, spots, worn, torn, and or blemishes and I apologize ahead of time! WE ARE A PUBLISHING COMPANY, WE MAKE BOOKS! PLEASE LOOK at the photos and see if this will work for your model. This manual has all the information you need to help you restore, find the right parts, or simply get up and running. Proper service and maintenance will greatly increase the life span of your equipment.

Knowledge is the most valuable tool, So Don't Work Harder, Work Smarter With This Book! This reimaged book is made from the original using digital enhancing tools making a better quality book delivering super clarity on heavy cardstock for book covers and high grade bright paper. Our books are built to high standards of quality and durability!

Painstaking efforts of digital document restoration consists of. Analyzing one page at a time to bring out the absolute BEST image, turning out BETTER than the original! Printing in full color when possible to present the full aspect of the original author. Heavy plastic top and bottom to protect against all elements. The plasticoil binder allows any page to be fully open, (Wrenching while reading) for ease of use and keeps hands off the frail originals.

See our store for more books and parts. To give you the best manual that will serve it's purpose of clarity, utility and longevity! Preserving History One Page At a Time! Sharing my collection with my fellow Gearheads! Thank You All For your Positive Support Through the Years.

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REGULAR F-12 F-14 F-20 F-30 W-4 W-6 WD-6 W-9 WD-9 W-12 W-14 W-30 W-40 WA-40 WD-40 10-20 15-30 22-36 O-4 O-6 I-4 I-6 ID-6 I-9 ID-9 I-30 I-40 ID-40 T-20 T-6 TD-6 T-9 TD-9 T-14 TD-14 TD-18 T-35 TD-35 T-40 TA-40 TD-40 U-2 U-4 U-7 UD-9 U-10 U-14 UD-14 UD-18 U-21 P-12 P-20 P-30 P-40 PA-40 PK-40 PD-40 P-50 PA-50 PA-80 PD-80 PA-100 OIL FIELD MODEL 200 300 350 Utility 400 Farmall Super MD, Super MDV, Super MD-TA, WD-6, WDR-6, Super W-6, WD-6-TA, Super WD-9 WDR-9, TD-6 TD-6 Series 61, TD-9, TD-9 Series 91, 400, W-400 and 450. International W-450, 600 and 650 Diesel Tractors with the D-6, D-6A, D-9, D-9A, D-264, D-281, D-350 and D-370 Engines NARROW FRAME Original 70 100 102 72 122 123 Hydrostatic 127 147 149 73 109 129 107 82 Series MTD IH 982 Super Red 482 582 782 682 Special 106 126 146 76 WIDE. This item is in the category "Business & Industrial\Heavy Equipment, Parts & Attachments\Heavy Equipment Parts & Accessories\Heavy Equipment Manuals & Books".

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